Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Introduction : Two stroke bikes

Hello two stroke lovers,

Previously, I have moved and wrote from one blog site to others, but this time I think I am going to settle down on

Here in my blog, I am going to write about two stroke motorcycles that had been released in my country (Indonesia). It has been my hobby to collect two stroke bikes and of course, work on it. This blog will include articles based on my experience.

In the past, I owned and experienced many of them, so most of my blog articles will be based on to the facts of those motorcycles. Some are good and some are bad, that also makes me want to write on how to improve the performance of this type of bike. Just like you guys, i search information from internet as well. most of my articles will also base on Internet research.

Believe me, I did not hate four stroke bike, but back in my school time era, two stroke bikes proved me that they are the best in performance. Once you tried it, you will never forget. Here is list of two stroke bikes I owned before:

Suzuki Crystal Tune, Yamaha Champ, Kawasaki AR 125, Suzuki RGR 150, Yamaha F1Z, Yamaha F1Z-SE, Yamaha F1ZR, Yamaha RZR, Yamaha RXZ, Yamaha RX-King, Yamaha RX-K, Honda NSR 150R, Suzuki Satria 120R, Yamaha YZ125.

Time has changes now, with our government rules that saying that we have to comply with Euro 2 emission standard, which makes these bikes disappeared from dealers. At the time I wrote this article, only Kawasaki is still producing this bike. And believe it or not, Indonesian people still loves two stroke bikes.

A little bit about me:

I am now a Master of IT student in overseas (if you know kangaroo, then you’ll think about this country), but soon I’ll be back to Jakarta (Ketoprak.. I miss you..). Since I still have couple of two stroke motorcycles, then I will work on it and show results to you guys on this blog. I also have experienced as racing bikes tester and workshop owner in Jakarta.

Please send me requests when you need me to write any article about two stroke motorcycles. But, please note that I am not really a good English writer. I will try to find information that will match your questions as best as I could.

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