Friday, 9 October 2009

E-View: Suzuki RC 80

Suzuki RC 80 was first released by Suzuki Indonesia in 1984 to replace Suzuki FR-series.
This motorcycle was the first two-stroke underbone motorcycle in Indonesia that introduced Engine-forced cooling system (Suzuki JetCooled) and front telescopic fork system.

What made this motorcycle really famous back in the time?

  • The engine's transmission was very smooth, Suzuki applied PECS (Power Engagement Clutch System) that working very well.

  • Has better power output compare to Yamaha V80, which was the only twostroke underbone motorcycle competitor at that time.

  • Suzuki JetCooled had been applied to this motorcycle, which makes this motorcycle does not have overheating problems.The durability is among the best of twostroke motorcycle.

  • Better stability compare to other underbone motorcycle at that time. (Compare to Yamaha V80 and 4 stroke - Honda Astrea 800)

The negative side :

  • We could see that this bike 'drink' too much gas and  2T oil compare to the competitor.

  • The braking system was also considered not good.

This motorcycle was on the market only for three years, therefore if you can own one, it is a very rare item. Suzuki stopped the production of this motorcycle on 1987 and released a new model that has larger capacity, which is Suzuki RC100.

Note: I am still trying to collect more specific information for this motorcycle. If you could help me, please send me message through the comments.. I will update this page later on..  Thanks ..

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