Sunday, 18 October 2009

E-View: Suzuki RC 100, Sprinter and Bravo - Part 2

There are three varieties of Suzuki RC100 using same design of frame and engine. They are:
  • Suzuki RC100, the original version (1987-1994)
  • Suzuki RC100 Sprinter (1989-1991)
  • Suzuki Bravo, Facelifted. (1994-2002)
The original Suzuki RC100 was pretty similar to the Suzuki RC80, but the major difference is: RC100 using 4-speed transmission that gives better power output that could work on every road condition.

Suzuki RC100 was actually proposed to be a family bike and meant to be for city use, but in reality young generation really loves it. For that reason, Suzuki participated on many racing events in Sirkuit Ancol (Jakarta) with this bike (Late 80's). Suzuki RC100 did pretty well compared to the Yamaha Alfa at that time
Most of Indonesian racing teams realised that Suzuki RC100 has stability weaknesses on circuit track compared to Yamaha Alfa. By the late 80's, Suzuki released Suzuki Sprinter to solve the stability problem.

Suzuki Sprinter came with new front fork suspension that improves stability. This bike is the first underbone motorcycle that use a full length front suspension fork. The combination of RC100's speed and this type of suspension made Suzuki Sprinter beat Yamaha Alfa in most of racing events up to 1991. But soon as Yamaha Champ came out, Suzuki Sprinter struggled to be the winner because Yamaha Champ was using similar front fork suspension plus disk brake. When the era of 100cc 2-stroke racing was over, this bike still have place in the market, but not as a racing bike anymore. Believe it or not, Suzuki Sprinter history was ended as a reliable 'Pizza Delivery' bike in Jakarta.

Then Suzuki Bravo came out after the 100cc racing era was over. Suzuki Bravo was very similar to Suzuki RC100. Using same suspension, engine and frame as well.

The Suzuki RC100 engine's was still assembled in Indonesia up to year 2002, and had been using by two frame designs, which is Suzuki RC100's frame and Suzuki Tornado GX's frame.

The part 3 of this article will give you information about the specs.


  1. do they still make suzuki rc bravo 100.

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  5. i am looking for a rebuild manual for the suzuki rc sprinter

  6. i am looking for a rebuild manual for the suzuki rc sprinter